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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Water Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Equipment's in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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Our Services

As one of the leading water treatment companies providing services throughout the Pune Maharashtra, we have a comprehensive and experienced service to provide on-site assistance. Our wastewater treatment services are custom tailored to meet your requirement and reduce your costs.

(Complete Solution For Water Pollution)
An ISO 9001 _ 2015 Certified Company

Atharv Enviro Consultant, a trusted name amongsr environmental solution provider companies in pune (Maharashtra), which working in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting water and waste water treatment plants and water treatment plants and water treatment equipment's in India as well as in foriegn countries. Atharv Enviro Consultant is a complete environmental solution provider company which offers an effective and one stop-water treatment solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential waste water.

Owning to vast experience in the field of Effluent Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plats, the company has established state of the art infrastructure to manufacture a range ig water treatment products in Pune, India such as Reverse Osmosis Plants, U V System, Industrial Water Softners, Water Treatment Components, Water Filters supplier, Iron Removal Filters, Fabricated Pressure Vessels, Water Clarifiers, and many others.

Waste Water Treatment Plants such as a Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Fiters, Reverse Osmosis Plants, MBBR Technologies, SBR Technologies, Anaerobic Treatment, MBR Technologies, Oil Skimmers, DAF System, Air Diffusers, Air Blowers with Acoustic Hoods, Pumps, Clarifier Mechanisms, Agitator, Jet Aerator, Floating Aerator, Tube Settlers, High Pressure Vessels, Skid Mounted ETP / STP, Ultraviolet System, Ozone Generator, Liquid Flow Meter, DO Transmitter etc.

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Our Mission

Atharv Enviro Consultant is dedicated to bbringing the most valuable solutions and providing the best customer experience in meeting water and environmental needs through our innovative technology solutions, products and services by making deep positive contributions to industry, society and the environment.

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Our Vision

Environment preservation and conversation is need of the hour. We believe it is our moral responsibility to return a better planet to our future generations and Atharv Enviro Consultants shall endeavour to deliver technologies, products and services that shall achieve this vision.